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NIRDA DG calls for industries to embrace circular economy for improved growth, productivity

The Director General of the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) Dr. Christian Sekomo Birame has urged industry players and SMEs to embrace the circular economy as it enables growth and boosts productivity.

Dr. Sekomo was speaking in a high level meeting on the Cleaner Production and Innovation and Climate Innovation Centre (CPCIC) to discuss how to increase industrial productivity and drive the circular economy in Rwanda.

Organised by NIRDA through CPCIC, the meeting was held in Kigali and brought together participants from industries, SMEs, Public and Private Institutions.

“We all know that a circular economy enables growth, increased productivity for our industries. Circular economy also creates green jobs that our population needs while contributing to the environment sustainability,” he said.

“Therefore, it is a win-win situation that every one of us should embrace.”  He added.

He noted that the Cleaner Production and Climate Innovation Centre (CPCIC) was established with that goal in mind to help industries, SMEs and other institutions to help them apply best practices and embrace a circular economy.

“We are gathered here to discuss how local industries and SMES can efficiently use available resources, improve waste management, and reduce their environmental footprint. We need to renew our commitment to green industrial production,” he added.

He stressed that over the past few years, NIRDA and the Cleaner Production and Climate Innovation Centre and a range of our partners, have been implementing programs to optimize and scale-up sustainable and climate resilient management of natural resources, Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy in select sectors.

Those sectors, he said, include public institutions, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the private sector.

“These activities are aimed to support Rwanda’s ambitions of achieving green growth: We aspire to become a developed nation that achieves growth without compromising the environment,” he said.

“The Government of Rwanda has put in place strategies, plans and policies to drive this development. It is our role to make sure that we join this journey and support these efforts,” assured Dr. Sekomo

He noted that he was optimistic that partners shall continue to work with this centre to advance their operations, and optimise production and consumption processes to produce more from less resources.

“ Over the years, we have proved that this is possible and this is the time to scale it up for even much more gains. NIRDA is committed to keep supporting Industrial Green Growth through the centre and other activities to ensure that our industries develop and that our environment does not become the victim of that development,” he concluded.

Cleaner Production and Climate Innovation Centre was created in 2018 with a vision of becoming a center of excellence and merit for Resource efficient, Cleaner Production, Climate Innovation Technologies and Prosumer Economy in Rwanda.

 It replaced the Rwanda Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (RRECPC) which was merged with the planned Climate Innovation Centre.

 Over the years, the Center registered tremendous progress. In environmental protection a total of 30,402 tons of Carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced per year, 41million megajoules (MJ) reduced per year while 22,390.2 tons of solid waste is also reduced per year.

The efforts have also contributed to the reduction of 241,952 Cubic meters of wastewater per year while 153,175 cubic meters of water are saved per year.

Also a total of 142 industries adopted best practices and 29 public institutions and 5 academic institutions were introduced to the centre.

Economically, $6,579,962 total savings were registered against $5,185,805 of investment.


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