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NCST team laud projects implementation progress

A team from the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) has lauded the progress of the two projects it funded and are being implemented by researchers from the National Industrial Research and Development expressing optimism for the positive outcome.

One of the project is: “Bioethanol and hand sanitizer production from sugar cane molasses to quickly respond to their local increasing demand towards Covid-19 pandemic,”. Its overall goal is to produce bioethanol from sugar cane molasses and Aloe vera gel-based hand sanitizer.

The two products are believed to quell the spread of COVID-19 pandemic while responding to hygienic issues. A number of activities have been implemented at research level and products were tested. NIRDA also acquired upgraded equipment: fermenter and distiller from the funds.

The project Investigator is ANDRE Ndagijimana, Product and Technology Development Specialist (Life Sciences) and is being assisted by other researchers including those from Higher Learning Institutions.

Another project: Enhancement of production technologies, quality& competitiveness of Rwandan banana beverage products. It aims at strengthening Banana Value Chain through reduction of postharvest losses by increasing the commercial competitiveness &sustainability of businesses.

Such objective will be achieved through initiatives such as development of appropriate banana postharvest handling technologies, supply and control, transportation, storage as well as seeking avenues of improving logistical challenges in the BVC in Rwanda.

NIRDA researchers have so far developed starter culture (Umusemburo) appropriate for Banana Based Alcoholic Beverage production to improve the processing technology and quality of locally banana based products.

Banana based producers will be supported to standardize their production process and improve hygiene and sanitation among others.

The project is being implemented by Emmanuel Munezero, Product and Technology Development Specialist (Life Sciences) as chief investigator and with a team of other

A team from NCST led by Dr. Esperance Munganyinka, Head of National Research Innovation Fund Department who headed the NCST team lauded the progress for the two projects saying the research being conducted has an impact to the society. The team also appreciated the reporting level for both projects. 

“We appreciate project implementation progress and the way implemented activities are reported, you have made good progress but you have to put in more efforts as the deadline for the project is in May and there will be no extension,” she said.

Dr. Munganyinka also thanked NIRDA for collaborating with other partners such as Universities as well as Private Sector saying that such practice can lead to impactful research findings.


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