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COVID-19: Government ready to support industries in the private sector

The government recognizes the role played by the industries in the private sector engaged in producing locally made products and will keep supporting them to ensure such industries produce more products for local consumption and for export.

The minister for Trade and Industry Soraya Hakuziyaremye made the call on Tuesday in a televised show at Rwanda Broadcasting Agency Television on how the government is ready to support businesses during and in post COVID-19.

The minister said that local industries have proven to be able to produce products needed on the market despite measures imposed by the government including the closure of borders among others to prevent the spread of Coronavirus among citizens.

Early in mid- March, the government imposed a total lockdown and closed all the borders and restricted movement from a province to another among others.

The minister said that as the country is fighting the pandemic, local manufacturers have proven to be able to produce locally made products that were used by citizens and filled the gap that otherwise would be there.

“The pandemic has shown us that local manufactures have the ability to add value to our products and we have agricultural products with value addition that people are consuming. Besides, having locally made facemasks was a result of the capacity of the private sector the government has built in garment sector over the years,” she told RBA news edition last night, Tuesday 5th of May.

“It showed that if we put in more efforts we can have many locally made products enough to satisfy the local market and export to the regional,” she added.

The minister Hakuziyaremye assured fully government support to members of the private sector to keep producing more quality products to boost Made in Rwanda products and promote Made in Rwanda Programme.   

“As the government, we are committed to supporting industries manufacturing made in Rwanda products, the pandemic has shown us that we have ability to produce quality products enough for both local and regional market,” she noted.


Rwanda has committed to supporting Made in Rwanda Programme through supporting the private sector as it is believed to be one of the country’s social economic development.

Also, the 7-year Government Program (2017-2024) aims to establish Rwanda as a globally competitive knowledge-based economy, which will, in turn, create 214,000 decent and productive jobs annually.

Rwanda’s Vision 2050, Pillar 3 which is “The Economic Transformation Pillar” aims to accelerate private-sector-led economic growth and increased productivity.


NIRDA’s support

Through Open Calls Programme, the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) supports industries to acquire upgraded equipment to boost competitiveness and productivity.

As a result, six firms engaged in garment have benefited from the Open Calls programme Support and some are currently using the same equipment to produce facemasks citizens wear to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

NIRDA also supported six other firms engaged in Banana wine production and have also improved the quality and quantity of what they produce.

Through Open Calls program, NIRDA will keep supporting firms in their respective value chains the next ones being Fruits and Vegetable and Wood Processing value chains and Cow in the Car Value chain which are ongoing projects are will be completed in the near future.


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