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Animal feeds processors trained in computer program formulation

The National Industrial Research and Development Agency NIRDA on Wednesday started a three day training to equip firms engaged in Animal feed processing with skills to use formulation of feed ingredients using computer programs.

The training brings together selected industries processing animal feeds and it is taking place at NIRDA Research Center based in Huye.

It follows a research carried out by NIRDA that reveals discrepancy in animal feed production where processors either use informal ways of mixing ingredients, while others outsource formulation and others use preset formulation which experts say affect the production.

Experts say that lack of use of formulation using computers affects the quality of produced animal feeds, subsequently affecting the growth of reared animals and products from those animals.

“Poor formulation of animal feeds affects both the productivity and competitiveness of products and costs a lot of money,” said Dr. Olivier Kamana, the Head of Research, Development and Foresight Incubation program at NIRDA.

“NIRDA opted to offer such training to selected animal feed processors to bridge the gap that exists among them,” he added.

He said that he was optimistic that the training will be a practical one and will equip trainees with skills in proper computerized formulation hence boosting productivity of both animals and their respective products.  

Firms will be taken through sessions including Common raw feeds ingredients, Nutrients categories, Nutrient analysis methods and scientific basis on Feed formulation.Others include Practical examples of Feed formulation with hand calculation,  

Feed formulation with Excel spreadsheets, Feed formulation with Excel spreadsheets and Practical problem solving.

Participants will also learn Feed formulation using WUFFDA, Practical problem solving, Feed formulation with WinFeed and Practical problem solving and Introduction to Dairy NRC 2001.

NIRDA through its Applied Research and Development Department (R&D) supports industries in research projects, project development and testing services among others.


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