Open Calls

NIRDA Open Calls

The main objective of the NIRDA Open calls is to introduce firm-level innovations, which improve the ability and capacity of Rwandan enterprises to compete in strategic national and international markets, leading to increased profits, exports and the creation of decent and productive employment.

In line with the Government of Rwanda’s industrial policy objectives of increasing domestic production for local consumption and improving Rwanda’s export competitiveness, NIRDA aims to support enterprises in specific priority industrial value chains. NIRDA will implement a targeted value chain approach that focuses on the full range of activities that are required to bring a product or service from conception, through the different phases of production, delivery to final consumers and final disposal after use. Activities that comprise the value chain can be contained within a single firm or divided among different firms, as well as within a single geographical location or spread over wider areas.

NIRDA will select priority value chains that offer the best prospects of achieving its objectives, considering the potential for:

  • Upgrading: actions to help Rwanda enterprises move to a higher value-added component of a value chain;
  • Extending: actions to broaden an existing value chain to increase its full potential job creation and value-added impact;
  • Optimizing: actions to improve operation of certain links of the value chain to achieve greater value added;
  • Targeting: identification of new value chains or sectors that Rwanda has the required endowments for, but that has not been developed, or adequately developed.

All NIRDA projects will place strong attention on lesson learning and replication. This is to ensure the longer-term outcomes of projects have a larger and more significant impact across the value chain and throughout the national economy.


The application process is a simple two-step procedure: ( CURRENTLY OPENED FOR CLAY VALUE CHAIN) 

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