Mr. Kagaba JAMES, Division Manager, Innovation, Technology, Transfer and Commercialization.




The National Industrial Research and Development Agency being among the key institution that has been mandated to promote and undertake research for innovation and Industrial Development. Industrial innovators are supported to innovate, create protect and commercialize their industrial property rights.  


The two-day workshop was held on the 14-15th March 2018, it was organized by NIRDA in partnership with RDB. the said workshop brought together a selected team of industrial innovators who were equipped with the required knowledge and skills for IP protection and commercialization.


On behalf of the Director General the opening remarks were delivered by Mr. KAGABA James who represented the Director General of NIRDA in his remarks, welcomed the innovators and explained that the training will focus on elaborating key aspects of pre-commercialization requirements for industrial innovations. Innovators were reminded that, each one has to complete innovative activities and protection of their innovations before actual commercialization.

The remarks were concluded by recognizing the innovators role in incremental and radical innovations which leads to revolutions in development.


Mrs. Akaliza ANITHA, Legal Officer (Industrial Property)/NIRDA

During the training workshop, the Legal Officer in charge of Industrial property explained that IP Creation involves idea generation, research and innovation, prototype and pre-production steps.

She advised innovators to keep the detailed information of their innovations and keep it confidential throughout the innovation and protection process. The innovators were also advised to undertake prior art searches to avoid re-inventing.


The Director General of NIRDA giving out closing remarks


The Director General of NIRDA, Kampeta SAYINZONGA in her remarks, welcomed all innovators and recognized their role in the entire innovation ecosystem.


The Director General elaborated the role of NIRDA in IP promotion, creation and commercialization of industrial innovation for development and competitiveness.  The industrial innovators were advised to focus and engage in market oriented, problem-solving innovations, undertake patent search during innovation, protection and commercialization of innovations as a way of avoiding issues of infringement and value for money, select the most appropriate innovation commercialization model and effectively collaborate with private sector industrial for easy commercialization of the innovations.


 The Director General concluded her remarks by pledging NIRDA’s continued support to industrial innovators through technical advisory, legal and policy advocacy, collaboration in research, industrial linkage facilitation and capacity building development.


Participants to the training workshop for Industrial Innovators



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