The main mission of NIRDA shall be the following:

  • To  implement  the  national  industrial development policy, patent inventions and traditional  knowledge  in  relation  to industrial  development   and  promote  the trade of research products; 
  • To  carry  out  industrial  and  technology development  research  through  the establishment  of  technology  incubation centres  and  pilot  plants  and  rural industrialisation; 
  • To  contribute  to  establishment  of  trade companies of research products;
  • To  train  business  entrepreneurs  who  wish to  invest  in  new  or  improved  industrial research products;
  • To  establish  and  develop  industrial research  and  development  partnership with  international,  regional  and  national institutions, whether private or public;
  • To  facilitate  the  vertical  growth  of  small and medium enterprises for them to enter new  markets  and  increase  new  improved products;
  • To advise the Government on  the national industrial  research   and   development policy if necessary;
  • To build the capacity of small and medium enterprises  by  providing  prototype development,  reverse  engineering,