Greetings! Research and Development Coordination Department in the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) is the only a Department that carries out applied research which improves competitiveness of new and existing Rwandan Industries so as to increase their export potential. Besides improving competitiveness of local firms, Research and Development Coordination Department develops new products and technologies that are used in the establishment of new industries.

Research and Development Coordination Department at NIRDA is comprised of four divisions, namely, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, Agro-processing and Biotechnology, Cleaner and Environmental Management, and Processing Engineering, Manufacturing and High-Tech. A Division Manager heads each Division.

There are 114 employees in the Department of Research and Development, which make up 60% of NIRDA’s total employees. Our researchers are involved in different research projects, including technology research needs assessment for wheat, maize, rice, cassava, and banana; development of cough drops using natural ingredients; development of extruded breakfast cereals using Rwandan grains; standardization of herbal drugs for commercialization; use of essential oils in the development of different cosmetic products; and research and technology needs assessment in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. Other projects focus on improving laboratory infrastructure such as acquisition of laboratory equipment as well as refurbishment of laboratory buildings.

Our Research and Development values where research projects are developed with stakeholders who wish to have a long-term partnership with NIRDA.


George Nyombaire, Ph.D.

Head of Research and Coordination Department